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We love this video by @telehue Food!

Watch to find out how this gift shop turned into the best BBQ in town!

Rooted in tradition, perfected over time.

Our slow-smoked, dry-rubbed, melt-off-the-bone meats have been perfected over two generations. Owner/Founder Carey Maurer developed his passion for Texas-style barbeque by watching his dad smoke meats on Fridays in the very same building where B&C BBQ currently serves up delicious, scratch-made dishes. In fact, 25 years ago Carey and his dad built the very smoker they still use today.

Our pitmasters have a combined 51 years of experience smoking meat.

Our house-made dry rubs are sourced from local artisans and made fresh weekly.

Our vibe is fun, easygoing, and family-friendly!