B&C BBQ Pub & Grill occupies a former garage on the edge of the Old Town section of Wichita, Kansas. The front of the building used to have a gift shop called B&C Creations selling decorative items. The back had a wonderful BBQ buffet, available only at lunch Monday – Saturday. The gift shop is long gone and recently there have been many changes to the BBQ restaurant. They expanded the building and the hours and added a bar. Now they are open to 10PM, 7 days a week.

Our last visit to B&C BBQ was in February 2019 and we ordered off the menu for the first time. We started with the jumbo wings which are not available on the buffet. At our server’s suggestion we asked for the wings to be prepared with a rub and with the sauce on the side. The wings were great with the spicy rub and needed no sauce. We did find that the garlic parmesan sauce was great on the breast of the smoked chicken which we also ordered.

That 1/2 smoked chicken came with the choice of two side for $10 and we went with two of our favorites from the buffet: the spicy baked beans and garlic slaw.

But lets talk about the lunch buffet which put this restaurant our web site.

The side items (regular and spicy beans, potato salad) are good and the garlic slaw is a stand out. Every one of the meats (chicken, ham, sausage, ribs, pulled pork & brisket) is above average. The pulled pork is the best I have ever had, while the chicken is very tasty and so tender it is falling apart. For those that want to stay a little healthy, there is also a well maintained tossed salad bar.

On my first visit, I was disappointed in the sauce. It was very sweet – too sweet for my taste. But then I tried the bright red squeeze bottle which I had assumed was ketchup. It was a hot BBQ sauce. Very hot! You can mix the two sauces to match your taste.

The last time I dined at B & C, I observed a woman with two teenage girls come into the restaurant for the first time. When the mother saw the food table, she was thrilled. And the girls were every bit as impressed. As one of them walked past me with her plate of food, I overheard her say, “This is so cool!”

The buffet can also be purchased to go, though they limit how many ribs or sausage links you can take with you.

If you love BBQ, and like food with lots of flavor, B & C is a place you must visit. After living in metropolitan Kansas City for over 30 years and eating at over 100 Kansas and Missouri BBQ restaurants I rate B & C as one of the best overall barbeque restaurants in Kansas or Missouri.

B & C Barbeque buffet menu: Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Ham, Turkey, Hot Links, Ribs & Chicken. Side Dishes, Baked Beans, Spicy Baked Beans, Potato Salad & Garlic Slaw